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sRNAPrimerDB is a comprehensive web primer or probe design tool specifically for small non-coding RNAs (sncRNAs), such as microRNA (miRNA, 20-25 nts), PIWI-interacting RNA (piRNA, 24-32 nts), short interfering RNA (siRNA, 20-25 nts), etc.

sRNAPrimerDB allows users to design several types of primers including generic or specific reverse transcription primers (Linear poly(T) RT primers, Linear S-poly(T) RT primers, stem-loop RT primers, stem-loop poly(A) RT primers, stem-loop poly(T) RT primers, Stem-loop S-poly(T) RT primers), specific PCR forward and reverse primer pairs, double hairpin probe, hybridization oligos for nine methods, such as:

A. Linear poly(A) tailed RT-PCR    B. Linear S-poly(A) tailed RT-PCR    C. Stem-loop RT-PCR
D. Stem-loop poly(U) tailed RT-PCR    E. Stem-loop poly(A) tailed RT-PCR    F. Stem-loop S-poly(A) tailed RT-PCR
G. One-step real time RT-PCR    H. Double-Stem-loop LH-PCR    I. Northern blot or ISH

Detailed experimental procedures for each method can be found in the protocol page. In addition, sRNAPrimerDB is also a primers bank, which contains tens of thousands of primer pairs for detecting miRNAs and piRNAs. Primers for sncRNAs that have been experimentally validated are encouraged to submit an online application form by visiting our web site at www.srnaprimer.org.


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